A E I O U: Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes


Fretton, A. 2018. A E I O U: Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes. Jap Sam Books.
AuthorsFretton, A.

A E I OU Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes. The name itself says something of the nature of Tony Fretton's collected writing.

As an architect he has said 'Words, the most collective form of communication, thread their way through the projects, in explanations to clients and constructors, and as my means, along with drawings, of explaining the projects to my collaborators, to myself and to the wider world.'

As Professor of Architectural Design-Interiors at TU Delft, he wrote: 'Interior design accommodates peoples physical and emotional comfort and rituals of use directly in the material of buildings, and offers freedom, directness and social meaning to architecture'.

Between these two professional poles lies a series of articles on other architects, essays on the historical currents in architecture, interviews in which Fretton lays out the developing bases of his practices, and out-takes: ideas and phrase retrieved from early drafts and unpublished writing.

PublisherJap Sam Books
Publication dates
Print27 Feb 2018
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Deposited29 Nov 2018
FunderCreative Industries Fund NL
Web address (URL)https://www.japsambooks.nl/products/a-e-i-ou
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