Researching memory in early modern studies


Chedgzoy, Kate, Graham, Elspeth, Hodgkin, K. and Wray, Ramona 2018. Researching memory in early modern studies. Memory Studies. 11 (1), pp. 5-20.
AuthorsChedgzoy, Kate, Graham, Elspeth, Hodgkin, K. and Wray, Ramona

This essay pursues the study of early modern memory across a chronologically, conceptually and thematically broad canvas in order to address key questions about the historicity of memory and the methodologies of memory studies. First, what is the value for our understanding of early modern memory practices of transporting the methodologies of contemporary memory studies backwards, using them to study the memorial culture of a time before living memory? Second, what happens to the cross-disciplinary project of memory studies when it is taken to a distant period, one that had its own highly self-conscious and much debated cultures of remembering? Drawing on evidence and debates from a range of disciplinary locations, but primarily focusing on literary and historical studies, the essay interrogates crucial differences and commonalities between memory studies and early modern studies.

JournalMemory Studies
Journal citation11 (1), pp. 5-20
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Print01 Jan 2018
Online23 Jan 2018
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Accepted12 Sep 2017
Accepted12 Sep 2017
Copyright information© 2018 The authors. As accepted for publication in Memory Studies: Chedgzoy, Kate and Graham, Elspeth and Hodgkin, Katharine and Wray, Ramona, ‘Researching memory in early modern studies’, Memory Studies, 11(1), pp. 5-20. DOI:10.1177/1750698017736834
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