Walking Women: A Study Room Guide on women using walking in their practice


Sharrocks, Amy and Qualmann, C. 2017. Walking Women: A Study Room Guide on women using walking in their practice. Live Art Development Agency.
AuthorsSharrocks, Amy and Qualmann, C.

This Guide is a record of WALKING WOMEN, a series of events held in London and Edinburgh in July and August 2016 celebrating the work of women using walking in their practice. Conceived in response to a growing concern that walking is perceived as a male domain of practice, the WALKING WOMEN events were designed to counter this imbalance; to make visible the work of as many WALKING WOMEN as possible through opportunities to show their work, talk about their work, reach new audiences and network with peers. The Guide includes a schedule of events from summer 2016, a directory of artists who took part, a full list of titles held in Dee Heddon and Misha Myers’ Walking Library for Women Walking, a list of titles in the bibliotheque curated by LADA for the London event.

PublisherLive Art Development Agency
Web address (URL)http://www.thisisliveart.co.uk/resources/study-room/study-room-guides
Publication dates
PrintMar 2017
Publication process dates
Deposited02 May 2017
Copyright holderLive Art Development Agency
Copyright information© 2017 Live Art Development Agency
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As part of the continuous development of the Study Room we regularly commission a range of artists and thinkers to write personal Study Room Guides to help navigate users through this resource.

The idea is to enable Study Room users to experience the materials in a new way and highlight materials that they may not have otherwise come across.

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