Domestic Spaces in Temporary Places

Prof Doc Thesis

Ko, D. 2017. Domestic Spaces in Temporary Places. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Art and Digital Industries
AuthorsKo, D.
TypeProf Doc Thesis

I am interested in exploring the spaces that I have occupied in my past and the space I occupy in the present. How do I locate myself between opposing thresholds? How do I transition from one physical/psychological space to another? What is private and public? What is inside and outside? What should be revealed and what should be concealed?

The space of the home is the most personal and private space; it is comfortable and it separates me from the outside world. But for me, a home is not a fixed space, but an imperfect space that changes or moves along with time. It is a temporary space that requires settlement and adaptation. Also a home is paradoxically comfortable, warm, complex, limited, temporary, divided, and empty.

The spaces I have stayed in for a period of time have all become home to me, both psychologically or physically. I have thought about finding the meaning of the space I inhabit and considered what home means to me. As an artist living in an era where one moves around and has to remain flexible while staying for varying lengths of time in different accommodations and cultures, adapting to the role of the migratory citizen of this contemporary world.

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Deposited21 Sep 2017
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