Space-related confabulations after right hemisphere damage


Bartolomeo, Paolo, De Vito, S. and Malkinson, Tal Seidel 2016. Space-related confabulations after right hemisphere damage. Cortex. 87, pp. 166-173.
AuthorsBartolomeo, Paolo, De Vito, S. and Malkinson, Tal Seidel

Confabulations are usually referred to memory distortions, characterized by the production of verbal statements or actions that are inconsistent with the patient’s history and present situation. However, behavioral patterns reminiscent of memory confabulations can also occur in patients with right hemisphere damage, in relation to their personal, peripersonal or extrapersonal space. Thus, such patients may be unaware of their left hemiplegia and confabulate about it (anosognosia), deny the ownership of their left limbs (somatoparaphrenia), insult and hit them (misoplegia), or experience a “third”, supernumerary left limb. Right brain-damaged patients can also sometimes confabulate about the left, neglected part of images presented in their peripersonal space, or believe to be in another place (reduplicative paramnesia). We review here these instances of confabulation occurring after right hemisphere damage, and propose that they might reflect, at least partially, the attempts of the left hemisphere to make sense of inappropriate input received from the damaged right hemisphere.

Journal citation87, pp. 166-173
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