Microstrip Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using U-Shaped Resonators


Ogbodo, Eugene A., Yi, Wang and Yeo, Kenneth S.K. 2016. Microstrip Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using U-Shaped Resonators. Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters. 59, pp. 1-6.
AuthorsOgbodo, Eugene A., Yi, Wang and Yeo, Kenneth S.K.

Coupled resonators are widely used in the design of filters with dual-passband responses.
In this paper, we present a dual-band bandpass filter using only couplings between adjacent resonators
without cross-couplings. The dual-band bandpass filter with centre frequencies of 1747 MHz and
1879 MHz respectively is designed and fabricated using microstrip U-shaped resonators. Using the
coupled resonator pair as a dual-band cluster, a miniaturised structure is achieved as compared to the
conventional topology. The measured responses agree closely with the simulations.

JournalProgress in Electromagnetics Research Letters
Journal citation59, pp. 1-6
PublisherEMW Publishing
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Web address (URL)http://www.jpier.org/PIERL/pierl59/01.15072303.pdf
Publication dates
Print16 Feb 2016
Publication process dates
Deposited29 Feb 2016
Accepted03 Feb 2016
Copyright informationFigures reproduced courtesy of The Electromagnetics Academy
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