The Creative Unconscious and the Pictorial Sign

Prof Doc Thesis

Helliwell, Paul 2016. The Creative Unconscious and the Pictorial Sign. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsHelliwell, Paul
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Within The Creative Unconscious and Pictorial Sign I explore the dialogue that exists between social language and personal expression to understand how creativity is mediated. I consider how the involuntary inventiveness of artistic creativity and the structuring function of language come to negotiate what artists can experience and represent. My Doctoral practice attempts to question the influence of orthodox postmodernist views and allow sensual and direct experiences to be located within improvisation and spontaneous approaches to image making. I ask if it is possible for a humanistic and psychological interpretation of creativity to move beyond the copy and quotation that some postmodern theories of simulation and the hyperreal advance; but to retain the communicative function of visual expression and the model of a social form of signification instead of naïvely promoting unintelligible and personal languages.

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Deposited03 Aug 2016
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