Very Strange Mereology


Retsin, Gilles 2015. Very Strange Mereology. Draw, Point, Talk. Stockholm, KTH School of Architecture 12 Nov 2015
AuthorsRetsin, Gilles

Architecture as a continuously evolving organic body, growing and adapting under external forces - the prevailing paradigm for computation in the past two decades - is under pressure. This lecture will explore how that paradigm has undermined architecture’s autonomy, and has fundamentally always been in trouble with tectonics. Rather then borrowing models from nature; or moving into neo-phenomenology; I will argue for an architectural ontology based on sharpening the tension between architecture and its parts. Increased computational capabilities are able to push the modernist understanding of architecture as an assemblage of prefabricated, discrete elements into an unexpected new domain of previously unachievable detail, materiality, structure and aesthetics.

KeywordsArchitecture; Computational Design
ConferenceDraw, Point, Talk
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Deposited24 Mar 2017
Completed12 Nov 2015
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