Voice, Power and Trust a Critical Exploration of the Factors Facilitating Student Voice within a Secure Training Centre

Prof Doc Thesis

Cook, Timothy 2015. Voice, Power and Trust a Critical Exploration of the Factors Facilitating Student Voice within a Secure Training Centre. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Cass School of Education and Communities https://doi.org/10.15123/PUB.4621
AuthorsCook, Timothy
TypeProf Doc Thesis

This study is concerned with exploring issues relating to voice, power and trust for trainees within a Secure Training Centre, whilst those trainees participated in an evening activities programme in 2009.
Classes were led by myself twice a week and attended by groups of up to eight trainees, plus their secure care officers. The trainees were vulnerable adolescent males who had either committed crimes or were remanded in custody. As part of these classes, the trainees had the opportunity to share their perspectives on a variety of topics. This occurred through both traditional research methods and a variety of innovative techniques, such as the use of wireless keyboards to facilitate a text based dialogue across a range of topic headings. Over a period of time, trust was built and insights explored.
In my research I have made use of a hybrid approach, borrowing insights from Critical Ethnography and Practitioner Research. By doing so, I have attempted to show that through a critical approach to power and ideology, the provision of opportunities for young people to express their insights can lead to various positive outcomes. By combining critical ideas with those typically associated with Practitioner Research, it has been possible to reflect on my own practice to improve outcomes for young people.
This thesis is an exciting exploration of how young people, held within secure accommodation, react to the opportunity of expressing their views. It is relevant because it explores the perspectives and empowerment of young people who have been incarcerated, an area which is recognised as being profoundly challenging.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.15123/PUB.4621
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PrintSep 2015
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Deposited03 Dec 2015
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