To My Greek Sisters


Martinez-Aleman, C. 2015. To My Greek Sisters. The Canning Factory Museum, Psarades, Greece
CreatorsMartinez-Aleman, C.

‘To My Greek Sisters’ is an installation based on the poem by the same name, ‘To My Greek Sisters’, written by Paul Eluard in June 1949, when he spent a few days alongside the Greek rebel partisans, entrenched on the Gramos hills, fighting against the government, during the Greek Civil War. Seeing the tragic conditions and the heroic struggles in which they, the fighters of the Democratic Army, fought, Eluard would take the megaphone and recite poems aloud. The following is a poem about women fighters and fighters’ mothers, appealing to the soldiers of the National Army.

Exhibition titleTo My Greek Sisters
Publication process dates
Deposited05 Oct 2017
CompletedAug 2015
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