Staging the Alphabet: Text, Performance and the Feminine

Prof Doc Thesis

Papanikolopoulou, Magdalena 2015. Staging the Alphabet: Text, Performance and the Feminine. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsPapanikolopoulou, Magdalena
TypeProf Doc Thesis

My central concern in this thesis is to develop an artistic language that arises from the use of the Greek and Latin alphabet as well as from Greek and English words. In my native country, Greece, there is a tradition of great symbolic significance attached to letters and numbers. By examining the visual, the semiological as well as the psychological aspects of symbolism, I created artistic works that were based on the use of type and text in contemporary fine arts, through the female subjectivity.

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PrintApr 2015
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Deposited07 Oct 2015
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