A Review on the Impact of Globalisation on the Cocoa Industry in Nigeria

Masters Thesis

Anyanso, Helen Okoro 2014. A Review on the Impact of Globalisation on the Cocoa Industry in Nigeria. Masters Thesis University of East London Royal Docks Business School
AuthorsAnyanso, Helen Okoro
TypeMasters Thesis

2014 dissertation for MSc in International Business Management. Selected by academic staff as a good example of a masters level dissertation.
PURPOSE OF STUDY: Globalisation in its current form is seen in developed
countries as a certain positive effect for the development of developing
nations. However, these viewpoints on the positive impact of globalisation
on under developed countries have also been argued. The Nigerian economy
has so much dependency on imports and oil revenue, the country makes so
much profit from their Agricultural sector and oil, yet it’s still suffering from
setbacks. Therefore in order to find out the major reasons for its setbacks
despite the fact that globalisation it’s supposed to contribute immensely in
the nation as a whole, the cocoa sector has been chosen to review the
benefits on its industry. The cocoa sector was chosen because it involves
international trading and globalisation it’s supposed to have a direct impact
on the development of this sector.
METHODOLOGY AND APPROACH: Due to the dependency of this report on
secondary data, the data were obtained using reliable sources of information
such as: Government statistics reports, statistics reports from industry
associations and statistics reports from intergovernmental organizations,
Annual company reports and company filings, School Business databases,
Business journals, Business newsletters, articles and books. Therefore, my
methodology is essentially a review and synthesis of other literature and
secondary data.
RESULTS: Findings from this research study proved globalization to rub off
on the decision makings to improve the cocoa sector. These decisions are
however not seen as portrayed; therefore globalization cannot be given full
credit to have a major impact on the Nigeria cocoa sector because of the
setbacks affecting the development of the industry. There is a need for
adequate infrastructure, well-being of the farmers and price stability of the
produce for globalization to be fully accredited as a major impact in this
ORIGINALITY: A review of new evidence together with older studies was
analysed for the conclusion and recommendations. Even though
globalisation is regularly seen a positive impact on under developed
countries. From my findings it will be seen that the case of Nigeria has been
exceptional to benefit from its influence and support viewpoints on this
theory. However, if there will be a stable government and less corruption,
Nigeria as a country will to a large extent benefit from globalisation due to
presence of numerous natural resources.

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Print04 Sep 2014
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Deposited01 Jun 2015
Accepted04 Sep 2014
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