How has the Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome Impacted on the Educational Experiences of Young Men

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Greaves, Kennilworth 2014. How has the Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome Impacted on the Educational Experiences of Young Men. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Psychology
AuthorsGreaves, Kennilworth
TypeProf Doc Thesis

In this qualitative research, I was keen to explore the experiences of young
adolescent men diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and the impact of having
the diagnosis on their educational experiences. This study is unique because,
although much research has involved the views of adults with Asperger
Syndrome and the experiences of parents on the assessment and diagnosis
of their sons, little research has been undertaken regarding the experiences of
young men themselves.
In order to facilitate the young men’s voices I elicited the support of the
mothers as co-researchers and participants in the research. Semi-structured
interviews were conducted with eight young men, eight mothers and three
fathers (who also participated in parts of the interview). The research also
involved considering the experiences of mothers on the journey to have their
son’s needs diagnosed and the support provided to meet educational needs.
The data was analysed using Thematic Analysis. Three themes emerged,
including families’ experiences obtaining the diagnosis; families’ experiences
of education following diagnosis and the young men experiences.
This research produced a range of insights about the experiences of having a
diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and the impact of such on the educational
experiences of this group of young adolescent men. It highlights the
importance of understanding the relationship between sons and mothers and
the need for Educational Psychologists to develop skills in promoting the
voices of young men diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, in line with current

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