Memory, Re-enactment and Repair

Prof Doc Thesis

Logue, Lesley Ann 2014. Memory, Re-enactment and Repair. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsLogue, Lesley Ann
TypeProf Doc Thesis

I commenced the doctorate programme with the intention of reviewing my past practice and began by reflecting on a recent body of work I had created for a solo exhibition. My intention then was to explore the relationships between my works, which included print, photography and video, and maximize their impact within a space. The notion of exploring ambiguities and correspondences between media naturally excites me as I strive not to be restricted by my use of media. I have identified key elements that are important to the making of my work. These are repetition, appropriation, memory and re-enactment. The elements that I have identified as important to the subject matter in my work are mortality, fragility and lament, (the human condition). These elements remain relevant to my creative practice and theoretical research and the corresponding references to damage and repair have surfaced as key concerns. My interest lies in specific individuals and communities, their changing states and how this impacts on personal lives and histories. My work is inspired by and rooted in my own personal life experiences; referencing family, religion, ritual and my participation in field archery. There is a breadth to my research and engagement with my subject matter that is not immediately apparent to the viewer but contributes to a reading of the work. My approach to research, questioning my everyday and personal experiences helps me to maximize my initial interest and understanding of a subject before exploring it through the making of the work. My desire to identify with my subject on an experiential level has surfaced as crucial to my understanding and development of my ideas. My interest in the physicality of process has been further enhanced by a shift in direction towards more tactile and sculptural concerns within my work.

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PrintJun 2014
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Deposited06 Nov 2015
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