Exploring parents’ and children’s perceptions of nurture groups and the ways in which they impact upon parent-child relationships

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Pyle, Alison 2014. Exploring parents’ and children’s perceptions of nurture groups and the ways in which they impact upon parent-child relationships. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology https://doi.org/10.15123/PUB.3945
AuthorsPyle, Alison
TypeProf Doc Thesis

There is currently very little research investigating the impact of Nurture Groups on children in their home context, particularly with regard to changes in the parent-child relationship. Where a positive impact upon this relationship has been previously found (e.g. Binnie & Allen, 2008; Cooper & Whitebread, 2007), the underlying processes have received little attention. The aim of this research was to explore both parent and pupils’ perceptions of the impact of Nurture Groups on the parent-child relationship.
Adopting a Critical Realist stance, this purely qualitative study used semi-structured interviews to gain the views of parents (n=12), and three focus groups in order to harness the perceptions of the children (n= 11). The data was analysed using an adaptation of Strauss and Corbin’s Grounded Theory methodology (Strauss & Corbin, 1998), resulting in the emergence of two theories.
The key findings included the parents’ perception that their children had lower anxiety and increased confidence as a result of the Nurture Group intervention. They also perceived there to be a change in their interactions at home, with the children being more communicative, more affectionate, more independent, and more assertive. The children’s views were largely consistent with those of their parents.
The interviews also unveiled that some parents knew very little about the Nurture Groups, their aims, and the expected outcomes. The implications of this for children, Nurture Group practitioners and Educational Psychologists are discussed.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.15123/PUB.3945
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