Strange Eclecticism : Alien, Messy and Discrete


Retsin, G. 2014. Strange Eclecticism : Alien, Messy and Discrete. Strange Eclecticism (Spring Lecture Series). Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA 14 Apr 2014
AuthorsRetsin, G.

The Alien, the Messy and the Discrete will be identified as intrinsic properties of the recent shift in architectural theory from the field back to the object. What are the fundamental relationships between heterogeneity, computation and object-oriented thinking? In contrast to the biological paradigm which views architecture as an organic whole, this lecture will propose architecture as a high-resolution assemblage of discrete objects, giving rise to extreme heterogeneity and information-density.

KeywordsArchitecture; Computational Design
ConferenceStrange Eclecticism (Spring Lecture Series)
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Deposited24 Mar 2017
Completed14 Apr 2014
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