Valuing Complex Third Sector Organisations

Working paper

Weaver, Max 2014. Valuing Complex Third Sector Organisations. London University of East London, Centre for Social Justice and Change.
AuthorsWeaver, Max
TypeWorking paper

Supporting a third sector organisation (TSO) because it is worthy, trying hard and might just do some good is right out of fashion. The demand is for tangible outcomes
or — adding some rhetorical force but little meaning — impact.
To survive in this world, TSOs must be able to convince policy makers, funders and actual and potential
service-users of the value that they add. This fundamental issue has two analytically distinct but operationally connected components: what counts as value? and was it the TSOs actions that added it?
The first goes to our conceptions of value — a philosophical matter. The second, goes to causation — a
matter that mixes factual inquiry with value-based judgement. Both involve choices and judgements that require careful thought rather than simple slogans. These issues are particularly acute when we consider Community Anchors, locally-based multi-functional organisations that exist to respond to multifarious and changing local needs.

PublisherUniversity of East London, Centre for Social Justice and Change
Place of publicationLondon
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PrintMar 2014
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Deposited30 Jun 2014
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