A Pilot Study of the Physiological Demands of Futsal Referees Engaged in International Friendly Matches


Dixon, D. 2014. A Pilot Study of the Physiological Demands of Futsal Referees Engaged in International Friendly Matches. American Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. 2 (3), pp. 103-107.
AuthorsDixon, D.

Futsal is a FIFA sanctioned form of 5-a-side football. It is controlled by two referees who run up and down the touchlines either side of the pitch ensuring the laws of the game are enforced. The match is played over two halves of 20 minutes, with the clock being stopped every time the ball goes out of play; so each half can last up to 40 minutes including stoppage time. To date there has been minimal research which has looked at the physiological demands of refereeing futsal. This pilot study was undertaken over consecutive days when two International futsal games took place involving four referees. Heart rate, core temperature, blood lactate and hydration status were monitored prior to the match, again at half time and at full time. The results showed that the referees operated at between 81 and 84% Heart Rate Maximum (HRmax). There was a marked difference between the first and second referee in both games and between the first and second halves. Core temperature increased during the game with the referees becoming progressively dehydrated towards the end of the game. Blood lactate was found on average to be higher at the end of the first half compared to the end of the second half (2.33 vs. 1.8 mmol.l-1) and referees in the first game had readings higher than the second game (HT 2.8 vs. 1.9 mmol.l-1; FT 2.4 vs. 1.2 mmol.l-1). In conclusion, the major findings show that further investigation is needed into the physiological demands of Futsal Refereeing and that in future, activity profiling should also be considered.

JournalAmerican Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Journal citation2 (3), pp. 103-107
PublisherScience and Education Publishing
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Web address (URL)http://dx.doi.org/10.12691/ajssm-2-3-7
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Deposited13 Oct 2015
Accepted15 Feb 2014
Accepted15 Feb 2014
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