An Exploration of Net-Centric Systems in the Workplace

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Maxwell, Elizabeth 2013. An Exploration of Net-Centric Systems in the Workplace. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsMaxwell, Elizabeth
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Purpose: The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the experience of the net-centric systems (for example Intranet and Cloud) phenomenon that is prevalent in the modern workplace. By understanding this experience, organisations can reconsider existing net-centric systems, and future systems design and deployment can be based on a research based approach.
Design/methodology/approach: This was a mixed method design. The quantitative stream uses statistical analysis on the 117 responses to the self-report survey. For the qualitative stream Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was used on the transcripts of 5 interviews. Quantitative data analysis involved Principal Component Analysis (PCA), hierarchical multiple regression, followed by moderation using PROCESS (Hayes, 2013), and mediation analysis.
Findings: Findings were extensive for both study streams and their triangulation. The quantitative stream found overall psychological well-being improved. There existed an appreciation of technology, that specific job roles experienced negative aspects of ambivalence that related positively to psychological well-being, and that age predicts psychological well-being. The qualitative stream had many findings, such as feeling overwhelmed by the volumes of information, dependency on systems, increased professional confidence and collaboration. Triangulation across studies found the existence of ambivalence, openness to embrace such systems, distraction due to hyperlinks, and manifestations of stress.
Practical Implications: With considerable investment in net-centric systems, finding that psychological well-being is improved by their existence is reassuring for business. As people experience openness and excitement to embrace such systems, it makes their presence well-received in the main. However, due to the employee’s inability to find the information they need, that they are distracted, and feel dependent on such systems, there exists organisational challenges to address.
Value: As no focused research exists in this area, this study provides exploration of net-centric systems in the workplace, so laying a foundation for further research and application of practical implications of what has been discovered by this study.

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