Digital media, dialogue and change

Conference paper

Pyecroft-Rainbow, Robert 2013. Digital media, dialogue and change. UEL Research and Knowledge Exchange Conference 2013. University of East London, London 26 Jun 2013 London University of East London.
AuthorsPyecroft-Rainbow, Robert
TypeConference paper

The interplay of research and practice is at the heart of my work. Participation and engagement have been consistent to this process working creatively with numerous communities, both inside and outside of formal settings. This approach initially extends from working in the mid 1990s on the worlds largest participatory public arts project, Peter Codling's 1000 000 pebbles project. Running in parallel to this working for a disability arts organization and also initiating other collaborative grass roots activities.
Over the last 18 years drawing from these formative points I have applied, refined and tailored creative ways to reach or connect with people. This approach has informed consultancy work for councils, documentary filmmaking, workshops, exhibitions and installation work.
The application of this work has become increasingly connected to lens based media and digital media and facilitated connection and links with a variety of participants. Process based work (where the journey is the intention of the work itself, rather than a specific outcome or end product) offers a fluid and adaptable approach to allow people to gain confidence develop skills and abilities and to give voice.
I would like to present work that has extended on from a millennium award from Anti Apathy and UnLTD. Specifically, a creative approach that seeks to affect a dual and reciprocal approach to transferring wisdom. Importantly, of local people at sights of change, to planners and policy makers - sense of place and local history, through too the work of experts within the fields of sustainability, energy, social and cultural fields, the built environment.
Lens based media, digital media, allow for numerous points of participation and the ability to foster a sense of belonging/ownership through that participation. To understand experientially a variety of transferable skills.

ConferenceUEL Research and Knowledge Exchange Conference 2013
PublisherUniversity of East London
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