Applicability of Neural Networks to Software Security

PhD Thesis

Adebiyi, Adetunji B. 2013. Applicability of Neural Networks to Software Security. PhD Thesis University of East London School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
AuthorsAdebiyi, Adetunji B.
TypePhD Thesis

Software design flaws account for 50% software security vulnerability today. As attacks on vulnerable software continue to increase, the demand for secure software is also increasing thereby putting software developers under more pressure. This is especially true for those developers whose primary aim is to produce their software quickly under tight deadlines in order to release it into the market early. While there are many tools focusing on implementation problems during software development lifecycle (SDLC), this does not provide a complete solution in resolving software security problems. Therefore designing software with security in mind will go a long way in developing secure software. However, most of the current approaches used for evaluating software designs require the involvement of security experts because many software developers often lack the required expertise in making their software secure.
In this research the current approaches used in integrating security at the design level is discussed and a new method of evaluating software design using neural network as evaluation tool is presented. With the aid of the proposed neural network tool, this research found out that software design scenarios can be matched to attack patterns that identify the security flaws in the design scenarios. Also, with the proposed neural network tool this research found out that the identified attack patterns can be matched to security patterns that can provide mitigation to the threat in the attack pattern.

KeywordsSoftware security; Neural networks; Software develoment
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Deposited20 Aug 2013
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