Awaking Stock taking practice in academic libraries; The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

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Sandhu, Gurdish and Ukwoma, Scholastica 2012. Awaking Stock taking practice in academic libraries; The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. in: Nigerian Library Association @ 50: driving home the transformation agenda Enugu, Nigeria Nigeria Library Association, Enugu State Chapter. pp. 52-58
AuthorsSandhu, Gurdish and Ukwoma, Scholastica

The services of the traditional library is declining in western countries; much emphasis is being laid on the use of information technology as a means of providing easy access to information resources and ensuring improved library services. To empower library users and to maximise use of library resources, libraries currently have implemented self-service systems available to users 24 hours in 7 days (24/7). Due to this, books are frequently lost or misplaced when they are returned. Stocktaking is an important library operation that helps to manage the collections and keep track of the library resources. If stocktaking is not done frequently, it results in user’s complaints & frustration due to unavailability of resources they desperately need. However, due to inadequate staffing or the tasking nature of the work, stocktaking appears to take the least priority. With the implementation of RFID technology, it not only make their users self-sufficient but can also do stock verification within a few hours with the help of Digital Library Assistant, commonly known as DLA. The DLA allows libraries to keep track of missing books, books on loan, etc. It also helps in proper arrangement of books in the stack area to ensure that users can easily locate books. The article is written to provide an overview of RFID technology, its various components, advantages and disadvantages of using RFID technology in the libraries. It also aims at discussing the role of DLA in inventory control and stock taking in libraries. The study will be very useful for the libraries that have either implemented or are planning to implement automated stock inventory system with the use of Digital Library Assistant.

KeywordsRFID; academic libraries; stock management in libraries
Book titleNigerian Library Association @ 50: driving home the transformation agenda
Page range52-58
PublisherNigeria Library Association, Enugu State Chapter
Publication dates
Print21 Nov 2012
Publication process dates
Deposited19 Feb 2013
Place of publicationEnugu, Nigeria
EventProceedings of the 12th annual conference/ annual general meeting
Accepted author manuscript
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