Installation and Theatricality Thinking through Objects

Prof Doc Thesis

Azevedo, Gisel Carriconde 2012. Installation and Theatricality Thinking through Objects. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsAzevedo, Gisel Carriconde
TypeProf Doc Thesis

This report covers the four year practical doctorate of the artist Gisel Carriconde Azevedo. Inspired by my readings of Claire Bishop and Michael Fried I explored the concepts of 'Theatricality' and 'Objecthood' while navigating between the worlds of Installation Art, Museum Intervention and the making of objects. I present works which are embedded in an ongoing exploration of the relationship between objects, between objects and space and between objects and language.

Keywordsinstallation art; art history
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PrintSep 2012
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Deposited25 Feb 2013
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