Love and Other Stories

Prof Doc Thesis

Roberts, Hedley 2012. Love and Other Stories. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsRoberts, Hedley
TypeProf Doc Thesis

A Professional Doctorate in Fine Art Report on the theoretical creative practice, professional practice and artwork of the Author, Hedley Roberts between 2006 and 2012.

My work uses paint and digital media to interrogate the complexity of romantic love and the emotional ‘between-ness’ of relationships. Paint is handled as an expressive, performative medium that aims to capture moments of the artist’s inner dialogue and emotional state. Digital media is used to create moving paintings that meld and conjoin figures to produce troubled, interrupted forms. Oversized watercolour portraits of flirtatious, angry, sad, confused, and unspecified individuals confront us as audience. Images of passionate kisses form psychodramatic landscapes of characters locked in moments of unbridled lust, caring embrace, or dramatic end. Each image is a moment that presages the possibility of tragedy and the loss of the endless embrace.

KeywordsPainting; Film
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Deposited25 Feb 2013
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