From individual to institution: a psychoanalytic approach to work with children, parents, families and organisations

PhD Thesis

Emanuel, Louise 2011. From individual to institution: a psychoanalytic approach to work with children, parents, families and organisations. PhD Thesis University of East London Cass School of Education and Communities
AuthorsEmanuel, Louise
TypePhD Thesis

These papers span over twenty years of clinical experience as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, working, in the main, within the NHS as part of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Inner London. For many years, until I specialised in work with Under Fives, I undertook a wide range of clinical work due to the diverse nature of referrals in these services. I learned to apply, adapt and, in some cases, extend the concepts and techniques gained through my psychoanalytic child psychotherapy training to a range of different contexts in order to work effectively. Regular supervision played a key role in facilitating these
I will first give an overview of the clinical experience from which these papers emerged, then briefly outline the clinical research methodology underpinning these publications. Following this, I will set out the theoretical background which informed my training and subsequent work. I will then describe the principal
themes in my work and areas of original contribution, theoretically and on a service development level. A summary of each published piece will follow and I will conclude by indicating areas of interest for continuing research and development.

KeywordsChild and Adolescent Psychotherapist; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services; Clinical research methodology
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PrintDec 2011
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Deposited05 Jul 2013
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