Growing up in the UK: Examining the discursive constructions of young adult Kosovar-Albanian men.

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Thaci, Rozina 2011. Growing up in the UK: Examining the discursive constructions of young adult Kosovar-Albanian men. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsThaci, Rozina
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Research conducted into the refugee experience appears largely focused on women and child
populations (Mutesi, 2009; Jaji, 2009; Judge, 2010) and clinical samples. There is limited
research exploring the experiences of non-clinical populations of young adult Kosovar-
Albanian1 men in the UK. The aim of this paper has been therefore, to examine how this group
of men have made the transition from adolescence into manhood, the discourses they draw
upon regarding adaptation, its impact on their identity construction, and implications of these
discursive resources in terms of opportunities for action. Data was analysed from a social
constructionist perspective using Focauldian Discourse Analysis. Semi-structured interviews
were conducted with 10 young adult Kosovar-Albanian men aged between 18-25 years old.
Analysis indicated that participants displayed a strong sense of self-determination as they
integrated into the UK's multi-cultural society, whilst simultaneously resisting negative
dominant discourses. As a result, alternative discourses emerged which positioned them as
'achievers' who worked hard to 'fit in', by being 'good citizens'. The importance of alternative
models of support, such as community-based interventions was raised. Furthermore, this paper
has emphasised the negative effects of labelling and is calling for a shift in these social
perceptions which are directed towards young refugee men, who are in danger of being
marginalised. The implications for clinical practice are also presented.
1 Kosovo is the most common spelling (official version) for this region. Kosovo is the Serb version of the name and
the culturally correct version is Kosova. Kosovar-Albanian is the term that I have used throughout this study to
distinguish the Albanians who originate from Kosova. Until now the term 'Kosovan' has been used to describe
people from Kosova.

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PrintOct 2011
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Deposited12 Jun 2014
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