Special educational needs: from education to employment exploring perceptions of 'successful transition'

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Knox, Louise 2011. Special educational needs: from education to employment exploring perceptions of 'successful transition'. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsKnox, Louise
TypeProf Doc Thesis

The government paper, 'Valuing Employment Now' indicates that individuals with learning disabilities are underrepresented in the workplace (Department of Health, 2009). Within this thesis it is argued that educational psychologists have a role in enhancing the life opportunities of children with learning disabilities (this includes youth transition from education to employment). In contrast to research that focuses on the negative implications of unemployment and barriers to employment, this paper explores 'successful employment outcomes', from the field of educational psychology. Through an exploration of 13 intensive interviews, the researcher attempts to consider constructs related to; 'successful transition to employment' and 'sustained employment' from within the borough of Sefton. This exploration has considered the perspective; of a local employer responsible for the employment of individuals with learning disabilities, seven professionals identified as having a key role in supporting post education transitions from Sefton Local Authority and the 3 rd Sector, and five young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities in employment. The findings of this thesis may indicate a number of shared narratives perceived to enable 'successful transition' to 'sustained employment'. Key themes have been identified using Thematic Analysis and have been discussed in relation to the roles of the local authority and educational psychologist. It is suggested that further research in this area may help to improve employment outcomes for this group. The researcher argues that research that focuses on 'exceptions' or 'success' may offer a worthwhile method of future enquiry.

Keywordsspecial educational needs; successful transition; from education to employment
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PrintMay 2011
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Deposited28 Apr 2013
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