On the outside : constructing cycling citizenship


Aldred, Rachel 2010. On the outside : constructing cycling citizenship. Social and Cultural Geography. 11 (1), pp. 35-52.
AuthorsAldred, Rachel

This paper uses in-depth interview data from Cambridge, England, to discuss the concept of the “cycling citizen”, exploring how, within heavily-motorised countries, the practice of cycling might affect perceptions of the self in relation to natural and social environments. Participants portrayed cycling as a practice traversing independence and interdependence, its mix of benefits for the individual and the collective making it an appropriate response to contemporary social problems. In this paper I describe how this can be interpreted as based on a specific notion of cycling citizenship rooted in the embodied practice of cycling in Cambridge (a relatively-high cycling enclave within the low-cycling UK). This notion of cycling citizenship does not dictate political persuasion, but carries a distinctive perspective on the proper relation of the individual to their environment, privileging views “from outside” the motor-car.

Keywordscycling; self
JournalSocial and Cultural Geography
Journal citation11 (1), pp. 35-52
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Publication dates
Print13 Oct 2010
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Deposited04 Nov 2011
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Aldred, R (2010). ‘On the outside: constructing cycling citizenship.' Social and Cultural Geography, 11(1), pp.35-52..

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