Analysis of Fingerprint Image to Verify a Person

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Jahankhani, Hossein 2010. Analysis of Fingerprint Image to Verify a Person. Global Security, Safety, and Sustainability Conference. (CCIS vol 92) Braga, Portugal 01 - 03 Sep 2010 Springer pp. 104-119
AuthorsJahankhani, Hossein
TypeConference paper

Identification and authentication technologies are increasing day by day to protect people and goods from crime and terrorism. This paper is aimed to discuss fingerprint technology in depth and analysis of fingerprint image. Verify a person with a highlight on fingerprint matching. Some fingerprint matching algorithms are analysed and compared. The outcomes of the analysis has identified some major issues or factors of fingerprinting, which are location, rotation, clipping, noise, non-linear distortion sensitiveness/ insensitiveness properties, computational cost and accuracy level of fingerprint matching algorithms. Also a new fingerprint matching algorithm proposed in this research work. The proposed algorithm has used Euclidean distance, angle difference, type as matching parameters instead of specific location parameter (like, x or y coordinates), which makes the algorithm location and rotation insensitive. The matching of local neighbourhoods at each stage makes the algorithm non-linear distortion insensitive.

Keywordsfingerprints; identification
ConferenceGlobal Security, Safety, and Sustainability Conference
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Print01 Sep 2010
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Deposited15 Mar 2012
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Jahankhani, H. & Mohid, M. (2010) 'Analysis of Fingerprint Image to Verify a Person', Global Security, Safety, and Sustainability Conference. (CCIS vol 92) Braga, Portugal, 1-3 September 2010. Springer, pp. 104-119..

Place of publicationSpringer
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