Parenting a child with gender identity issues

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Coulter, Sophie 2010. Parenting a child with gender identity issues. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsCoulter, Sophie
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Much of the literature on children and young people with gender identity issues
focuses on aetiology. Within such studies, parents are often pathologised and
implicated in 'causing' their child's gender identity issues. There is very little
research specifically with parents exploring their experience of having a child
with gender identity issues. As such, this study interviewed twelve parents
about their experience of having a child with gender identity issues and adopted
a grounded theory methodology.
Parents talked about their experiences within the framework of a 'journey' and
identified a number of contexts which they found themselves interacting with.
Throughout the 'journey' parents identified a number of issues, challenges and
dilemmas that they had to manage. The findings of the study highlighted the
complexity of the situation that the parents were faced with and the isolation
that they felt in dealing with these issues. The analysis suggested that placing
the parent and their family within a wider social, cultural and temporal context
may allow for their issues to be responded to in a more holistic and thoughtful
way. The results of the study intimate a number of recommendations for future
research and suggestions for services that work with parents.

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PrintMay 2010
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Deposited10 Jun 2014
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