Responsabilidad social en la comunicación con la web


Bonilla Medina, S X 2010. Responsabilidad social en la comunicación con la web. II Congreso Internacional de investigación educativa y pedagógica. Universidad Militar Bogota-Colombia 16 - 17 Apr 2010
AuthorsBonilla Medina, S X

This presentation is a research report that explores new technologies, within them, the internet as a mediator device that becomes a facilitator for social representations. This enquiry is base on the interest for human rights and how they are represented in web pages and e mail communications by a university students group. Surveys, recorded internet sessions and interviews were the instruments that allowed explaining the way some human rights were evidenced in the participants’ actions. In the study a tendency to cultural rights was identified involving education, access to art and entertainment. On the other hand, a category evoking freedom emerged making sense of interactions and construction of social representations but it is also limited by those processes. Finally, a pedagogical reflection from the social responsibility approach came up from the findings.

Keywordssocial representations, Young people, human rights, internet, web pages, e-mail
ConferenceII Congreso Internacional de investigación educativa y pedagógica
Publication process dates
Deposited03 May 2013
Completed17 Apr 2010
JournalResponsabilidad social en educación
Additional information

This paper is part of the memories of the IV International conference of Innovation in Colombia. Universidad Militar

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