IT jobs in UK: current trends

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Baravalle, Andres and Capiluppi, Andrea 2010. IT jobs in UK: current trends.
AuthorsBaravalle, Andres and Capiluppi, Andrea
TypeConference paper

Part of the role of universities is, today as
from their earlier times, to prepare students for a
productive role in the society. In this context, the role of
curriculum development is to ensure that students are
able – if so they wish – to acquire skills that are in
demand in the work market. This is of uttermost
importance in areas as IT where weak choices by
students and/or universities might have repercussions in
the employability at the end of the academic studies.
This paper aims to discusses and a discuss and analyse
what are the requirements of the job market, now,
today, for IT workers in UK and to provide a
meaningful starting point to support curricula
development in UK.

KeywordsIT; UK; Jobs; SFIAPlus
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Deposited05 Jul 2010
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Baravalle, A., Capiluppi, A. (2010) ‘IT jobs in UK: current trends’. Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (IEEE ICCSIT) 2010, Chengdu, China, July 2010..

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