An intercultural exchange: A reflection of the aspects involved


Bonilla Medina, S. X 2010. An intercultural exchange: A reflection of the aspects involved. USB Language Center Journal. 4 (1), pp. 103-107.
AuthorsBonilla Medina, S. X

Interculturality is a trend that has been more visualized nowadays as a consequence of globalization ideas which have cause different cultures to meet. According to this, this article represents a reflection on issues related to interculturality based on the author’s experience when she took part of a trip as a cultural exchange in Scotland in a program granted by the ICETEX and the British council. The development of the article displays theoretical concepts of interculturality illustrated by the author’s anecdotes when she faced the changes in assimilating and accommodating to that new culture. Finally, she introduces a reflection on how these intercultural interchanges made another shape in her actual teaching of the Foreign language.

KeywordsInterculturality, accommodation, acculturation, cultural encounters
JournalUSB Language Center Journal
Journal citation4 (1), pp. 103-107
PublisherUniversidad de San Buenaventura
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Deposited28 Apr 2013
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