Crack houses in the UK: some observations on their operations


Briggs, Daniel 2010. Crack houses in the UK: some observations on their operations. Drugs and Alcohol Today. 10 (4).
AuthorsBriggs, Daniel

While the operations of crack houses have received significant attention in the US, by comparison, in the UK, we lack an insight into the precise mechanisms of such venues. Moreover, crack house literature has leaned more towards examining methods to close crack houses, rather than seek to understand the operations which support them and their social function. Based on ethnographic research with crack cocaine users during 2004 to 2005, this article discusses the operations of three UK crack houses, providing a rare UK case study. The volatile nature of the social and structural pressures which direct street drug users and drug markets inhibit categorisation at this point.

KeywordsCrack houses; Ethnography; Drug markets
JournalDrugs and Alcohol Today
Journal citation10 (4)
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Deposited21 Jun 2012
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Briggs, D. (2010), "Crack houses in the UK: some observations on their operations", Drugs and Alcohol Today, 10(4), pp. 33 – 42, DOI: 10.5042/data.2010.0726..

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