An Exploration of the Factors Influencing the Career Choice of Female Trainee Clinical Psychologists

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Nash, Jennifer 2009. An Exploration of the Factors Influencing the Career Choice of Female Trainee Clinical Psychologists. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsNash, Jennifer
TypeProf Doc Thesis

For several years now, the majority of entrants into UK clinical psychology training
programmes have been female. Although there has been some research interest in
examining workforce gender balance in terms of male recruitment, understanding the
attractiveness of the profession to female applicants and their success at gaining
training places have remained unexplored. This is despite the criticisms levelled at the
discipline of clinical psychology that in the UK it fails to reflect the range of cultural and
social diversity of the populations it serves.
The current study used Q-methodology to explore the multiple accounts that female
trainee clinical psychologists give about what attracted them to a career in clinical
psychology. Analysis of the data produced six distinct accounts. These narratives
highlight a number of themes that may attract females to this occupation, including a
desire to challenge the status quo, the wish to pursue a vocation, a route to moving
away from experiences of disadvantage, a route to status and motivations to
understand other people. In addition, a range of opinions were expressed about the
current gender imbalance within the profession. The implications of the appeal of this
carer to women and the possible implications of their motivations for pursuing this
career are considered.

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PrintSep 2009
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Deposited12 Jun 2014
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