e-Government security implications

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Azenabor, Cyril E., Shoniregun, Charles A. and Imafidon, Chris 2009. e-Government security implications. Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology. (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 4th Annual Conference University of East London pp. 167-176
AuthorsAzenabor, Cyril E., Shoniregun, Charles A. and Imafidon, Chris
TypeConference paper

The electronic government (eGovernment)
is mainly concerned with providing quality
services and value added information to citizens, and it has potentials to build better relationships
between government and the public by making interactions between citizens and government agencies
smoother, easier, and more efficient. The use of Internet medium has helped government
organisations and nongovernment
organisations to increase their productivity, reduce costs and also
improve services. The most security implications in egovernment
is the protection of the data
security, whereby the privacy of the citizens are not guaranteed, because the access to the data are not
controlled by authorised agents, and due to human interaction it is vulnerable to so many attacks.
Hackers developed sneaky ways attacking the digital communicating system by phishing into the
information systems. There are problems about security vulnerability in government websites, which
has made the public to be extremely concerned, and third party routinely invade government websites
for fraudulent purposes. Attitudes of people interrogating this system will go a long way by having a
strong principle of sincerity and honesty so as to help rectifying the security issues and strict
legislative rule cannot be undermined in dealing with offenders. This paper proposed a model of five
blocks of steps to bring security in eGovernment

Keywordselectronic government; security vulnerability; government websites; fraud
ConferenceProceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology
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Deposited30 Jul 2010
Web address (URL)http://www.uel.ac.uk/act/proceedings/documents/FinalProceedings.pdf
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Azenabor, C.E., Shoniregun, C.A., Imafidon, C. (2009) ‘E-government security implications’ Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology, (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 4th Annual Conference, University of East London, pp.167-176.

Place of publicationUniversity of East London
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