Memory Assessment of Older Adults using Ability Tests

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Dillioglu, Mehmet Guney 2009. Memory Assessment of Older Adults using Ability Tests. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsDillioglu, Mehmet Guney
TypeProf Doc Thesis

This study investigated a new procedure to assess memory using routine
neuropsychological tests of other functions (i.e. ability) in order to increase time efficiency,
and lessen the hardship by combining procedure. A sample of 'healthy' older age adult
participants and participants presumed to experience dementia related mild cognitive
impairment were recruited through a memory clinic tested using the new procedures to
determine: a) whether the registration and retention of such material is adequate for testing of
recall and recognition, b) How dependent are the results of these procedures on the abilitylevel
of the person examined. This study has emerged from levels of processing theory
(Craick & Lockhart, 1972), which might aid in understanding the workings of the procedure.
Levels of processing theory suggest that the successful remembering will depend on the
level of processing that takes place. Findings suggest that ability tests that demand 'deeper'
elaboration integration are good candidates for adaptations for memory assessment and
they address memory in a more naturalistic way. Memory performance was not dependent
on corresponding ability test attainments. The procedure as whole appears to be able to
highlight individual strengths and weaknesses profiles, though further adjustments are
needed to the procedure. Limitations and future directions for this type of research are

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Deposited12 Jun 2014
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