Rethinking 'queer' : a film philosophy project

PhD Thesis

Nigianni, Chrysanthi 2008. Rethinking 'queer' : a film philosophy project. PhD Thesis University of East London University of East London
AuthorsNigianni, Chrysanthi
TypePhD Thesis

My Ph.D thesis entitled 'Re-thinking Queer: A film-philosophy project' aims at
articulating a discourse on sexual/difference by taking two critical steps: the first is
signalled by a critical moving away from Queer Theory and its linguistic/cultural
apparatus, on the basis of its failure to break away from a 'normative' (molar) notion
of subjectivity; the second is related to an experimental coming together of
philosophy and cinema - a coming together which actualises a thinking
philosophically with film through the practice of writing as art. The thesis overall
suggests a rethinking of 'queer' through the becoming-woman-lesbian concept; a
concept that is explored in relation to desire, ethics and time within particular
cinematic events. The thesis employs two different discourses: an analytical/critical
discourse on desire, ethics and time that draws on the philosophy of Deleuze and
Guattari, Bergson, Nietzsche and the so-called neo-materialist feminism (Grosz,
Braidotti), and a more creative, poetic writing that thinks with the filmmind

KeywordsQueer Theory
Publication dates
PrintSep 2008
Publication process dates
Deposited15 Jul 2014
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