Young bilingual children learning to read with dual language books


Sneddon, Raymonde 2008. Young bilingual children learning to read with dual language books. English Teaching: Practice and Critique. 7 (2), pp. 71-84.
AuthorsSneddon, Raymonde

This study explores the way in which bilingual children of primary school age who have become dominant in English are learning to be literate in the language of the home using dual language books provided by the school. It reports on how the mothers and their children used both texts to transfer skills from one language to another; to negotiate meaning in both languages; to compare reading strategies and how these vary depending on the language learned (Albanian, Turkish, French and Urdu). The study highlights the positive impact on children’s confidence, on their personal
identity as bilinguals in a multicultural British society, on their achievement in
English literacy as well as the involvement of their parents in their schools. The study identifies the crucial role of the teacher and the school in providing a positive ethos in the classroom, and support and resources for parents.

KeywordsDual language books; multilingual literacy; bilingualism; EAL; mother-tongue maintenance; English literacy; education; first language; primary school; reading strategies; Albanian; Turkish; French; Urdu; multicultural; biliteracy
JournalEnglish Teaching: Practice and Critique
Journal citation7 (2), pp. 71-84
ISSN1175 87081
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PrintSep 2008
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Deposited10 Jun 2009
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Sneddon, R (2008) 'Young bilingual children learning to read with dual language books' English Teaching: Practice and Critique 7 (2) 71-84.

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