Managing Change in the Church of England: Church Leaders in the Diocese of Chelmsford

PhD Thesis

Anan, Gabriel 2008. Managing Change in the Church of England: Church Leaders in the Diocese of Chelmsford. PhD Thesis University of East London School of Social Science, Media and Cultural Studies
AuthorsAnan, Gabriel
TypePhD Thesis

This study investigates managing change in the Church of England. It focuses on the church leaders in the Diocese of Chelmsford, of working towards a policy of becoming
self-financing churches proposed by the Bishop of Chelmsford, in his response to the recommendation of the Turnbull Report (1995).

Data collected from church leaders by postal survey and the interviews carried out revealed that in achieving the policy, two key strategies were identified: (i) Income
Generation and (ii) Cost Reduction. To achieve the first strategy, three activities or projects were initiated: training of lay people, church growth and increase in giving. For the second strategy, two activities or projects were introduced: use of more volunteers and energy consumption.

Data collected from the postal survey on these two strategies were analysed using quantitative method. Data was also collected from publications and websites to reflect the comments of the respondents. Regarding the collection of interview data, one of the most
significant findings in this study was that five church leaders adopted a working management style useful to them in their managing change, particularly, in the area of
resistance and uncertainties.

It was further identified from the data collected that to manage change it was necessary for the church leaders and their voluntary group leaders to have a new way (though
differences and similarities were identified in their approach) to acquiring new knowledge through experiential learning during the process.

The study further addresses the current issues of resistance as far as church management is concerned. It identifies the usefulness for adopting the skills of two disciplines: leadership and management in order that, the complexity of managing resistance, during change could be dealt with in the process.

KeywordsChurch of England; Diocese of Chelmsford; Church management
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Deposited16 Jan 2014
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