A place for everything, and everything in its place


Radford, J. 2008. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Psychology Teaching Review. 14 (2), pp. 58-61.
AuthorsRadford, J.

This paper addresses responses to the author’s earlier article (Radford, J. (2008) ‘Psychology in its Place’ Psychology Teaching Review, 14 (1), 38-50) published in the preceding issue of this journal. It presents a discussion of the several themes emerging from responses by British Psychological Society members, namely, psychology in the political context, and the nature of Psychology as a discipline. Several other issues are also discussed; the nature of higher education, and what should be its aims; the question of whose interests, if any, should have priority, the main stakeholders being students (and parents), academics, employers and government. Whether higher education should be purely practical or vocational, or have some more general ‘educational’ aims. The author concludes that the general view of contributors from the British Psychological Society on the nature of the teaching of Psychology in Higher Education was optimistic.

KeywordsPsychology in education; higher education; review; pedagogy
JournalPsychology Teaching Review
Journal citation14 (2), pp. 58-61
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Web address (URL)http://www.bpsshop.org.uk/Psychology-Teaching-Review-Vol-14-No-2-2008-P641.aspx
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Deposited09 Jul 2010
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Radford, J. (2008) ‘A place for everything, and everything in its place’ Psychology Teaching Review, 14 (2), 58-61.

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