Observer based robust control

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Dodds, Stephen J. 2007. Observer based robust control. Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology. (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference University of East London pp. 151-159
AuthorsDodds, Stephen J.
TypeConference paper

This paper presents an original contribution to the field of robust control. Plant order
uncertainty as well as parametric uncertainty is catered for while guaranteeing not only closed loop
stability but also a precisely prescribed closed loop dynamic response to the reference inputs. The
method extends to nonlinear multivariable plants. Its ability to control plants having different orders
without adjustment and yielding the same closed-loop dynamics is demonstrated by simulation of its
application to speed control and position control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive.
The model of the plant used in the observer can simply be a chain of integrators driven by each
control variable, at least equal in number to the rank of the plant with respect to the associated
controlled output. The controller is simple, requires no adjustment and requires little more
computational power than a typical classical PID controller.

Keywordstheoretical plant model; OBRC theory; electric drives
ConferenceProceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology
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Deposited21 Jul 2010
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Dodds, S.J. (2007) ‘Observer based robust control’ Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology, (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference, University of East London, pp.151-159.

Place of publicationUniversity of East London
Page range151-159
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