Exploration of mobile educational technology

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Hosny, W. 2007. Exploration of mobile educational technology. Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology. (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference University of East London pp. 168-173
AuthorsHosny, W.
TypeConference paper

Recent advances in mobile and wireless technology could be utilised to enhance
the delivery of educational programmes. The use of this technology is known as “Mobile
Education”. Mobile education technology provides unique opportunities for educators to
flexibly deliver their educational material to learners via mobile services anywhere at any
time. Moreover, the material delivered could be adapted to the learners’ needs and
preferences. Examples of mobile devices which could be used in mobile education are
handheld mobile devices such as laptops, cellular phones, ipods, personal digital assistants
(PDAs), wireless classroom instantaneous feedback response systems and many others. This
paper surveys recent in-roads made in this field of educational technology and its envisaged
impact on electrical engineering students learning experience.

KeywordsMobile education technology; life-long learning; Mobile educational devices; wireless data networks
ConferenceProceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology
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Deposited22 Jul 2010
Web address (URL)http://www.uel.ac.uk/act/proceedings/documents/ACT07.pdf
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Hosny, W. (2007) ‘Exploration of mobile educational technology’ Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology, (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference, University of East London, pp.168-173.

Place of publicationUniversity of East London
Page range168-173
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