Review of identity and access management systems

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Jahankhani, Hamid and Talaimojeh, Soheil 2007. Review of identity and access management systems. Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology. (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference University of East London pp. 53-60
AuthorsJahankhani, Hamid and Talaimojeh, Soheil
TypeConference paper

Identity and access management is rapidly becoming the top business issue as
organizations look to increase security, reduce risk and decrease operational costs. In order to
evaluate adequately the emerging maze of technologies brought forward by various
vendors it is necessary to critically analyze many aspects of the identity related security
terms and techniques. The emerging development of techniques assisting in the
consolidation of dispersed yet somewhat related Identity components across the
enterprise-wide systems could very well reduce the cost of management, while increasing
the control over enforcement of governing Compliance and internal security policies. But
as always there may be tradeoffs that could damage the organization if not planned
properly. The fascinating fact is that Identity Management is 80% politics and business and 20%
technology. Identity Management is a set of processes and supporting infrastructure for the
creation, maintenance and use of digital identities (unique ids, attributes, credentials, entitlements.
This paper aims to discuss what Identity Management means in the context of Information
Technology and to provide an over view of the important components that makeup Identity
Management Systems.

Keywordsaccess management; computer security; user accounts; Identity Management Systems; Technical Architecture; business security
ConferenceProceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology
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Deposited19 Jul 2010
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Jahankhani, H.; Talaimojeh, S. (2007) ‘Review of identity and access management systems’ Proceedings of Advances in Computing and Technology, (AC&T) The School of Computing and Technology 2nd Annual Conference, University of East London, pp.53-60.

Place of publicationUniversity of East London
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