A review on Biometrics in the Past, Present and Future

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Jahankhani, Hossein 2007. A review on Biometrics in the Past, Present and Future. International Conference on Global e-Security. London: University of East London 18-20 April 2007.
AuthorsJahankhani, Hossein
TypeConference paper

In spite of numerous technological advancements in the 21st century, there remain many cases of personal identification theft; this had directed thought towards Biometric technology. Since the September 11 attacks public and governments leaders have sought to increase their security and as well as law enforcement. There is public interest in better and more widely available identification technology, enforced by governments. While the risk of privacy infringement is still a matter of discussion, and there are arguments against the use of biometric technology in law enforcement. This paper will review and looking at some of the statistics and advancement in the use of Biometric technology today and future. It also considers advantages and disadvantages of use of biometrics in law enforcement on the public and in public places.

KeywordsBiometrics; Security
ConferenceInternational Conference on Global e-Security
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Deposited26 Mar 2012
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Jahankhani, H. (2007) ‘A review on Biometrics in the Past, Present and Future’, International Conference on Global e-Security, London: University of East London, 18-20 April 2007..

Place of publication18-20 April 2007.
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