High Efficiency and High Speed PM Motors for the More Electric Aircraft

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Mhango, Landson M.C. and Perryman, Roy 2006. High Efficiency and High Speed PM Motors for the More Electric Aircraft. Proceedings of the AC&T, pp. 149-157
AuthorsMhango, Landson M.C. and Perryman, Roy
TypeConference paper

More electric aircraft has been a subject of increasing discussions and research for more
than ten years now, both in Europe and in North America. These efforts follow the growing
realisation of the benefits that are likely to emerge from the future growth of the more electric aircraft
technology. This is evident from the sizes and numbers of research and development programmes
currently undertaken on the subject by both aerospace industry and academic institutions. High speed
permanent magnet motors, excited by rare-earth magnetic materials, are used extensively in majority
of these research programmes. The applications, on more electric aircrafts, often demand motor
drives that have very high reliability, energy efficiency and high power density. On of the factors that
require significant design consideration is the effect of high speed on the operational performance of
the motor. High rotational speed impacts heavily on the rotational losses whilst the high peripheral
speed influences the mechanical construction of the rotor. Iron and windage losses can become
dominating factors in determining the overall rating and efficiency of the motor. The other important
consideration relate to the ability of the motor to generate high torque at low speed, a feature that is
very essential in actuation drive systems on the aircraft.

Keywordselectric aircraft; aerospace industry; aircraft systems design
ConferenceProceedings of the AC&T, pp
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Deposited11 Jun 2010
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Mhango, L.M.C; Perryman, R. (2006) ‘High Efficiency and High Speed PM Motors for the More Electric Aircraft’ Proceedings of the AC&T, pp.149-157..

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