Basil Bernstein, 1924-2000

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Robbins, Derek 2006. Basil Bernstein, 1924-2000. in: Turner, B. (ed.) The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology Cambridge Cambridge University Press pp.
AuthorsRobbins, Derek
EditorsTurner, B.

An extract from The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology which outlines the work of Basil Bernstein. Bernstein was responsible for drawing attention to the correlation between class difference and the capacity of people to draw upon ‘restricted’ or ‘extended’ linguistic codes. His research provided a basis for examining sociologically the function of schooling.

KeywordsBasil Bernstein; sociology of education; British sociology
Book titleThe Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
PublisherCambridge University Press pp
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Deposited26 Jan 2010
Place of publicationCambridge
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Robbins, D. (2006) ‘Basil Bernstein, 1924-2000’ in Turner, B. (ed.) The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press pp 37.

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