The hidden curriculum

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Robbins, Derek 2006. The hidden curriculum. in: Turner, B. (ed.) The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology Cambridge Cambridge University Press pp.
AuthorsRobbins, Derek
EditorsTurner, B.

An extract from The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology which focuses on The Hidden Curriculum, a book by B.R. Snyder which comprised the outcome of research in which, as a student of psychiatry, Snyder investigated in the early 1960s ‘the paths that students followed during four years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’.

KeywordsMartin Trow; American sociology; American higher education; credentialism
Book titleThe Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
PublisherCambridge University Press pp
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Deposited26 Jan 2010
Place of publicationCambridge
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Robbins, D. (2006) ‘The hidden curriculum’ in Turner, B. (ed.) The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press pp 270-1.

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