Mathematical Modelling of Moisture Movement in Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Conference paper

Wijeyesekera, D.Chitral and Loh, E.W.K. 2006. Mathematical Modelling of Moisture Movement in Geosynthetic Clay Liners.
AuthorsWijeyesekera, D.Chitral and Loh, E.W.K.
TypeConference paper

Drying characteristic of clays has been revisited and a mathematical model to predict
moisture change has been developed and is presented in this paper. The development of the
mathematical model has allowed for the factors controlling the moisture movement within the clay for
a range of temperature, relative humidity environments, and varying properties of clay composite.
Strong correlations between aforesaid parameter and drying characteristics were observed and are
discussed in detail. In addition, an argument is presented for the superiority of the drying-rate test in
current laboratory procedures for determining the moisture retention in comparison with moisture
extraction under ‘on site’ conditions.

KeywordsDrying characteristic of clays; moisture movement
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Deposited09 Jun 2010
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