An exploration of the factors influencing the career choice of male trainee clinical psychologists: a Q methodological study

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Caswell, Robert John 2005. An exploration of the factors influencing the career choice of male trainee clinical psychologists: a Q methodological study. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsCaswell, Robert John
TypeProf Doc Thesis

The profession of clinical psychology has been criticised for not having a diverse
workforce. Men are under represented and this has been acknowledged as a concern.
However, there has been very little research or literature on this area. Many factors
influence an individual's decision to choose a career and the profession needs to be
aware of these factors if access is to be widened and more men encouraged to enter.
In the present study, Q methodology was used to explore how male trainee clinical
psychologists in the United Kingdom conceptualise a career in clinical psychology.
This method encouraged participants to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of
clinical psychology that influenced their career choice. Analysis of the participants'
statement configurations produced eight accounts about a career in clinical
psychology, of which seven are discussed. These accounts highlighted a number of
themes that may impact on the decisions men make to enter clinical psychology,
including interest and value, job security, challenges, power and status, previous
information and knowledge, family influence and cultural expectations. The
implications of these themes for male recruitment are discussed.

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PrintSep 2005
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Deposited10 Jun 2014
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